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 FAITH 5 Family Introduction Session

The FAITH 5 plan, or Faith Acts In The Home, is designed to help you as parents to facilitate five simple acts that bring faith into the home and will help to hold your family together in a world trying to tear it apart. The family training session will show you and your kids how it's done!

Parents and children kindergarten and up attend the main session; younger children go to their age appropriate Sunday morning programs. 

Baptism & Blessing Milestone Class 

All parents who want a child baptized or blessed must attend the Baptism and Blessing Milestone session led by the Senior Pastor and Director of Family Ministry. This class helps prepare them for the Sacrament of Baptism and the Baby Blessing Ceremony.  If previously attended, parents do not need to come again for another child.  Next class Nov. 5, 6:30 pm.

Click here to register for a class and/or to schedule a Baptism/Blessing date.

Sunday Morning Volunteers 

"We came here because they have great programs for our kids." We hear that a lot! Be a part of our successful Children's Ministry Sunday Morning Program. Small Group or Large Group, whichever suits you best! You will be surprised how much you will be blessed.

Click here to contact Sandy Snoke about serving in The Nest Nursery & Toddler Room

Click here to contact Heather Norton about serving in Preschool TreeHouse lane

Click here to contact Luke Brocki about serving in Kids Rock for 1st-4th graders

Click here to contact Shannon Horstmeyer about serving in The Cafe for 5/6th graders