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The church and the family play separate but critical roles in the development of a child's faith: both have their
strengths; both are powerful influencers; and both need each other.  The home is the place where
the unconditional love of God is demonstrated by family. The church is called to shine the light of Jesus
to people in the community.  When both synchronize their efforts to build faith in the next generation,
orange thinking. 

Partnering With Parents

Family Ministry exists to support parents' efforts in raising young people to grow into active, loving and
passionate followers of Christ. How do we do this? Here are a few of our strategies:

  • We celebrate spiritual Milestones with families, significant events in a child's life, and equip families with tools and strategies to incorporate faith discussions in the home.
  • We create our own Sunday morning curriculum for all age levels so that all members of the family are hearing the same Biblical teaching each week. We also provide a tool, The Bible Reading Plan, that helps families dig deeper into the topic during the week.
  • We train families to incorporate The Faith 5, five simple faith acts, into their daily evening routine and provide the daily scripture readings and blessings for them to use.
  • We offer biblically-based parenting classes that help parents to be more intentional about modeling Christ-like behavior and nurturing an everyday faith in their kids' lives.
  • We encourage and provide ways for families to worship and serve together as a family.