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Weddings occur in many places, parks, homes, public buildings.  A wedding occurring in the church is a religious ceremony.  It is assumed by the Anderson Hills United Methodist Church that the bride and groom, and their parents, are seeking God's blessing as they begin their new life together.  The vows you take and the giving and receiving of the rings are all promises not only to one another, but promises to God.  Seeking His help in your marriage will add joy, happiness, strength and meaning to your life.

Anderson Hills UMC is available for both church member and non-member weddings.  It is also available to members of the community.  If you would like to request a specific Anderson Hills UMC pastor to officiate, make your wish known when scheduling your date.  The couple may invite a pastor of another United Methodist or Christian church to officiate.

The first step in arranging for your wedding at Anderson Hills UMC is to contact the Administrative Assistant for Worship Darlene Woosley    It is recommended that dates be cleared as far in advance as possible but no more than 16-18 months in advance.  Please note there are no weddings scheduled during Holy Week, nor the week or weekend before Christmas.

After determining that the date is open on the church's calendar, the church will mail a "Guide for the Bride and Groom," usually to the bride.  The couple will be asked to read through the guidebook before booking their date.  If they choose to have their ceremony at Anderson Hills UMC, they will need to contact the administrative assistant for worship via telephone to confirm dates and pastor and complete a short information sheet.

After the church receives the minimal deposit, the wedding will be added to the church's calendar and a confirmation letter will be mailed to the bride.

The Pastor, Organist, Wedding Coordinator and lay staff will do everything  they can to creat an atmosphere  of worship for your special day. A carefully planned service can be a memorable occasion for all.